Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Review is in for the Spook Show !

Cardone -not just your everyday magician.

By: Sandi Durell

If it’s spooky, scary, flying goblins and ghosts you’re after, you’ve got ‘em and more! Cardone, dubbed a Vaudeville Magician, is a multi-faceted talent whose skills as an illusionist, mind-reader, ventriloquist and actor make for a satisfying evening of performance. And, yes, you can bring the kids. The Canal Park Playhouse downtown is the home to Cardone’s “Spook Show – House of Ghostly Haunts” where, every Tuesday at 7 pm thru April 17th, you can shriek, ooh and aah and maybe even become part of the show.

From mind-reading card tricks to swallowing razor blades, to making Elvis sunglasses float on a table, or placing an audience member in the Time Machine of Death, there’s no doubt that one cannot help but be delighted by the skillfulness Cardone exhibits and his humorous presentation. Things get a little more edgy watching him escape from a straight jacket or the ultimate “off with his head” at the guillotine.

Together with eerie background organ music and video screen clips from the film “House of Terror” setting the tone, you won’t be disappointed. Why he even shows you his private Dime Museum collection midway

Canal Park Playhouse, 508 Canal St., NYC Tickets: 888-811-4111

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