Monday, October 10, 2011

Spook Show 2011 in Philly Pa Oct 19-20 8pm

This Oct 19th and 20 at 8pm...... Cardone's Spook Show is being unleashed in Philadelphia Pa !
The show entitled "House of Ghostly Haunts" will be presented in the most magical place on the east coast.
Grasso's Magic Theatre is a wonderful intimate theatre that has been set up as a space for the magical artist to shine. This will be the first show of its kind to be presented in the space and Cardone will not hold back on this one ! As a bonus feature he will bring his dime museum called "Strange Artifacts From Around the World" Don't miss this one ...the shows will sell out !

Welcome to the old fashioned spook show !
Ladies and gentlemen......journey to a world where your darkest dreams come to life !
Cardone's "House of Ghostly Haunts" is a show that will delight people of all ages who love the strange,macabre,and the fantastical !
What is a Spook Show you might ask? A spook show is a type of a magic show that deals with the darker side that lives in the world of illusion and theatre.
You can expect at a show like this? Magic ,Illusion ,Knives,Razor Blades,a Giant Guillotine, and the summoning of Spooks,Ghouls, Devils and Poltergeists!
Cardone will also be presenting his" Mini Museum of Strange Objects From Around the World" that features many horrific artifacts that he has collected over the years!
The theatre will have moments of complete darkness......come and find out why !
Call 609-992-9808 to reserve tickets.
Or go to
to buy tickets online !

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